MRSA and Staph Infections on the Rise: Microbiologist Publishes MRSA Infection Recovery Guide Book

Fort Collins, CO (Vocus) April 14, 2009

Embrace Health, Inc. announced today that the Staph and MRSA infection recovery guide book MRSA Secrets Revealed is now available. Antibiotic resistance in bacteria is an ever-growing problem and according to the CDC, the super bug infection MRSA is responsible for more than 19,000 deaths each year. MRSA Secrets Revealed is an informational resource for the prevention and recovery from both MRSA infections and Staph infections. This book is available at the company’s website

MRSA infections, usually pronounced as “mersa”, are a specific type of bacterial Staphylococcus aureus infection, pronounced as “staff infection”. Staph aureus infections, and especially MRSA infections (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus), are becoming increasingly difficult to treat because of the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. Many bacteria, including Staph aureus, quickly learn how to resist and become immune to antibiotic drugs. Even newer specialized last resort antibiotics are becoming ineffective against new strains of MRSA.

Alternative MRSA treatment methods widely used by European medical doctors are much less vulnerable to the problems of antibiotic resistance and have fewer side effects than antibiotic drugs. Alternative Staph infection treatments also have a long record of safety and efficacy. However, alternative Staph and MRSA treatment methods are not taught in Western medical schools and most doctors therefore do not know about, understand or use these methods for the treatment of MRSA.

According to Michelle Moore, Microbiologist, Staph bacteria researcher and author of the book MRSA Secrets Revealed, “The most common problem people have with Staph and MRSA is recurring infections. The growing inability of mainstream medicine to successfully treat Staph and MRSA is a source frustration, disappointment, fear, and even despair for hundreds of thousands of people suffering from these potentially deadly infections”.

MRSA Secrets Revealed covers traditional treatment methods as well as a comprehensive listing of alternative Staph aureus and MRSA treatment methods. The book provides a background on the major issues surrounding MRSA and Staph infections in laymen’s terms, including the rise of multi-drug resistant infections, commonly called super bugs. The book also presents information on finding integrative medical care, how to work best with doctors, prevention of MRSA and Staph, counteracting antibiotic side effects, and boosting the immune system.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2007 Staph aureus and MRSA Surveillance Summary, 32% of people in the U.S. (89.4 million people) are colonized with Staph aureus bacteria. Serious MRSA infections occur in approximately 94,000 persons each year and are associated with 19,000 deaths per year. 86% of MRSA infections are contracted in healthcare settings and 14% are contracted in community settings.

For additional information on Staph infections, MRSA infections and their treatment and prevention, visit the company’s website at MRSA Secrets Revealed and other informational resources on Staph and MRSA are also available from the company’s website.

About Embrace Health, Inc.:

Embrace Health, Inc. was co-founded by Microbiologist and Staph bacteria researcher Michelle Moore and specializes in informational resources for the prevention and recovery from Staph and MRSA infections.


Michelle Moore, Co-Owner and Vice President

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