Stain free bathtubStain free bathtub

Bath tubs  are primary breeding grounds for mold  to develop and accumulate due to frequent water exposure and high levels of humidity. Mold  buildup can affect the surface of any area of your tub as well as the caulking bordering your tub  which seals the bath tub to the wall to prevent water from leaking beneath the bathtub. This can result in an unsightly scene of black and brown discolorations and spots that would make any rest room experience an uninviting one. In addition to being visually repelling, severe mildew buildup can also cause a very unique musty odor that would stop any bathroom visitor  from going in. To ease bathers’ worries about bath tub mold and to enhance the overall sanitation and appearance of your bathroom, householders can correct this ugly condition using your basic rest room cleaner and some household items .

GUIDELINES for a stain free bathtub:

  1. Homeowners are advised to clear away the mold affecting the caulking first before moving on to the rest of the tub. This word of advice allows you to work from inside the tub outwards which is less complicated than cleaning the caulking from the outside. Line the mildew contaminated caulking using your everyday rest room bowl cleaner with bleach.
  2. Toilet bowl cleaner has been discovered to be more efficient in combatingremoving mildew on caulking than Chlorine bleach. Depending on the severity of the spot, let the cleaner to sit on the caulking for about 30 minutes before generating an evaluation anddeciding whether or not to add more cleaner.
  3. Rinse or scrub the toilet cleaner off with water and study the caulk for stains. If there is still some mildew visible , repeat this procedure till the mildew has been entirely removed.
  4. For the rest of the bathtub, pour into an vacant spray bottle with pure white vinegar. Spray the contaminated regions with the vinegar and using an old toothbrush or rag, scrub away the mildew. Wash the vinegar and mold away with water.
  5. If the vinegar appears to be ineffective, produce a home solution of one part Chlorine bleach and five parts warm water. Scrub and wash with a toothbrush or cloth, and water.
  6. For extremely stubborn stains, mix a stronger solution with equal parts Chlorine bleach and water to aggressively elminate the mold . Scrub and rinse till your bath tub is stain free.

Have a stain free bathtub!

Make just about every bathing experience an pleasurable one by routinely removing the mildew and mold that has come to contaminate your bathroom. The longer you wait, the more stubborn the unsightly stains will be so it is vital that you clear your tub upon prognosis of musty mildew in order to guarantee yourself and your household a sanitary bathing experience.

-How to Remove Stains from Your Bathtub-