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Maryland Man launches website on flu information

Flu Information

flu information

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) January 28, 2006

Apparently you can not go anywhere these days without hearing something about flu information. As the evening news, your favorite newspaper, talk shows or your neighbor down the street. The problem with this flu information is to separate fact from fiction. That’s what John Thompson of Baltimore, Maryland had in mind when he developed

“A lot of flu information floating around, including rumors priests and cabbage. The problem for me was to know the facts without having to spend most of the day sifting through misinformation to get to the good stuff. J ‘I decided to try and cons because the weeds from fiction and to make flu information accessible to the general public, “said Thompson

“One of the most important things I wanted to do was to obtain comments from the general public flu information. Nothing dispels a rumor or confirmed as a fact that many people who can confirm or deny. That’s why I also opened a forum on my site, “said Thompson.

noted that if the avian flu information on the Internet is abundant, much of what I found was based on hearsay. “I try to search for flu information that you collect as much as possible, because much of what I found were just rumors based on rumors,” said Thompson. He hopes his research may help others facing the same problem of having to sort through large amounts of flu information just get a couple of questions answered.

future plans for your website include things such as epidemic simulations, videos and virtual maps of affected areas. In flu information age is not a question of if you can find the flu information you need, but how long does it take to find it.

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