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Preventing Sickness For The Holidays

The Holidays are a great time of year. It gives us a chance to gather with our family and loved ones and brings joy to our lives. Unfortunately, it is also a time when people frequently get sick and is also known as the cold and flu season. It can be quite discouraging when these illnesses affect the people we love and put a damper on our holiday season. How do you protect yourself?


Vitamin D and Influenza

In recent months you can find a lot of news reports regarding a winter flu outbreak nationwide. The Center for Disease Control says that influenza has now officially reached epidemic levels. Obviously, being a parent, one of the first things that pops into my head is how do I prevent my kids from coming down with the flu? One of the most effective natural preventions for the flu is Vitamin D. An interesting clinical study from 2010 indicated that kids using a 1200 IU daily supplement of Vitamin D had essentially a fifty percent decrease in their risk for contracting the flu.


How To Obtain The Best Out Of Your Detoxification

When undertaking any sort of kind of cleansing or detox program there are very important tricks to remember to accomplish finest outcomes and to obtain out just what you have actually put in!


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