Deborah Dolen: Natural Spring Cleaning

I’ve spoken considerably concerning “whatever is going on your skin ends up in your own blood stream.”  This applies when using cleansing supplies also.  On these grounds many people, which includes cleanup services (who’re exposed to cleansing solutions all the time) tend to be turning to pure aqueous soaps as well as natural aqueous castile soaps for cleaning to reduce their daily exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Making a Pure Cleanup Scrub Paste Bon Ami (the little yellow chick) is actually my all time favourite natural scrubber, highly affordable, and merely created from a delicate ground rock.  The particles are circular in shape so that it won’t tend to damage floors and walls  either.  You can blend 1:1 or even when you need it truly thick, 2 parts Bon Ami along with 1 portion pure liquid cleaning soap is fine.  With regard to scent you can add a small number of drops of lemongrass essential oil in every lb of paste.

Mop Water Never Smelled So Good!

I use the natural liquid castile soap inside a pail of mop water.  I make use of a handful of ounces of organic liquid cleansing soap for each gallon bucket of warm water.  While wetmopping I always add a couple of droplets of lemon grass essential oil in the mop water or possibly lavender essential oils when I ‘m wetmopping bed rooms or washrooms.  Genuine lemon essential oil is rather high priced and doesn’t smell as “lemon” as Lemon grass does. Note:  Your optimum value for essential oils is never local, as many usually are so diluted, so your the best choice certainly is going to be on the web, for example ebay.

What is Actually Natural That Eliminates Mildew and mold within the Bath Zones?

TeaTree Oil Tea Tree Oil plus Tea Tree Oil.   I just spray it on the spot I’m concerned with when I am done cleaning.  As far as pesky insects go, bugs detest Cedar, and Cedar essential oil is rather inexpensive simply because Texas is filled with those cedar trees.   I dilute some citric acid within my bottle due to the fact mildew and mold can also never take up residence inside a highly acid setting.  Which in turn brings us to my next love–citric acid.

Citric Acid for you to shine Your Dishwasher in addition to being a Vinegar Substitute

I wince whenever I set eyes on “vinegar this” or “vinegar that.”  Vinegar simply smells, yet citric acid will not.  A finely ground white colored powder, I purchase my own off of Ebay.  A five lb container usually lasts me a year.  The finer the citric acid powder the greater your odds of it remaining a liquid while mixed with distilled water.  I blend just a few tablespoons of citric acid in a Windex spray bottle filled with distilled water to clean my glass.

Pure Soap Pest Elimination in the Garden

Several tablespoons of natural liquid soap and water inside of a 16 oz spray bottle can keep pesky insects at bay within your garden.  I use five tablespoons if not more, simply because I must say I want to send a message to the pest community.  Two or three drops of black pepper essential oil and/or geranium essential oil also can do a knock out job upon spiders and also slugs in the garden.

For the Love of BORAX

Borax is a natural whitener (much more while clothing is dried under the sun) and a natural booster for cleaning.  It is definitely a natural element, the American Indians would once launder their garments near borax deposits.  Borax has a far more scientific actual name, but everyone knows it as the “Mule Team Stuff.”  I appreciate borax and use it constantly.  I could not count how many people write me believing Borax is really a severe synthetic and ponder precisely why I take advantage of it as a pH adjuster whenever I produce natural liquid soap.  They may be thinking about barium which is not Borax.

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Based on an excerpt from “Maid Holistic” writen by Deborah Dolen, which will be available on Amazon’s Kindle Whispernet Platform before Easter 2011. Deborah Dolen is the author of dozens of DIY books on cooking, entertaining, homekeeping, beekeeping, canning, making bath and body products, and gardening. Deborah Dolen who got her start on Amazon in 1999, is also the host of several DIY shows, a syndicated writer having her own RSS feeds and over a million subscribers. When not writing, Deborah Dolen is very active in environmental and animal issues. Deborah Dolen is also founder and now Editor in Chief of Mabel White DIY, and Mabel Media which publishes DIY material on several platforms including, TV, print, video and radio.