Curtain Cleaning and Your Home

When did curtain cleaning last cross your mind? Few people devote the time to thinking about it that often. However, if you’re interested in helping your curtains to last longer as well as having a healthy home, then it should be a priority.

Since curtains are expensive to replace and are important to the décor of a room, it’s certainly a good idea to try and make them last as long as possible. A lot of people mistakenly believe that their curtains won’t get dirty because they are not touched or walked over like carpets and upholstered furniture.  However in actual fact curtains act as an air filter for all the air and dust circulating around the home. So over time, dust becomes compacted in the fabric. This allows bad odours to become trapped in the fabric and causes the curtains to look dull as their colour fades. Another consequence is that the curtains are compacted with allergens and dust mites which provoke asthma and affect the health of those with respiratory problems.

For these reasons, curtain cleaning should be given some thought every now and then.  Whilst it is possible to clean your curtains yourself, the job is fairly arduous. Even for fit people, taking down and rehanging curtains isn’t easy. Professional curtain cleaning takes care of all this. Professionals can clean curtains without moving them.

Having curtains professionally cleaned every year will extend their life and help to keep your home clean and fresh. It is possible to have carpets, curtains and upholstery all cleaned at once, now that many companies offer all three services.