Natural Flu Prevention Techniques and Flu Remedies Can Help You Stay Healthy This Winter

Natural Flu Prevention Techniques and Flu Remedies

(PRWEB) November 13, 2004

fluThe flu shot shortage in the United States has millions of people worrying about getting sick this winter. Many people are under the misconception that a flu shot offers total protection against influenza infection. This is simply not true. As was the case for the 2003-2004 flu season, flu vaccines are often developed using the wrong strain of influenza virus, providing little or no protection to those who get a flu shot.

Fortunately, several effective natural flu prevention techniques exist, as do a handful of natural flu remedies which can help you to stay healthy this winter. Natural flu prevention involves two primary tactics: avoiding the flu virus in the first place and strengthening your immune system so that it can kill the virus before you become sick. Things like washing your hands frequently, getting enough sleep, and eating a healthy diet are just a few of the natural flu prevention tactics every person should be using.

Effective Natural Flu Remedies

Effective natural flu remedies are based on non-toxic, inexpensive substances that have long been used to “short circuit” viruses and lessen – or even eliminate – flu symptoms. A common household antiseptic and a well-known herbal extract are just two of the tools many people use to fight a flu infection, often with fantastic results.

A new web site, FluHelp.org, offers a simple but useful guide to natural flu prevention techniques and flu remedies. Anyone who wants to learn how to avoid flu germs, strengthen their immune system, and fight off a flu infection is invited to visit this helpful site. FluHelp.org hopes to expand its listing of natural anti-flu strategies and is currently requesting submissions from visitors who have successfully avoided flu infection using safe, natural techniques.

Despite the flu shot shortage – and the fact that the “lucky” few who managed to get a shot probably aren’t fully immune to the virus – most people can significantly decrease their chances of becoming severely ill. Visit FluHelp.org (http://www.fluhelp.org) today to learn about effective flu prevention techniques and safe, natural flu remedies that really work!

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-Natural Flu Prevention Techniques and Flu Remedies

Eliminating Bed Bugs In Your Home

Eliminating bed bugs are usually linked to any lousy housekeeping and cleanliness but interestingly, such unpleasant little pests may also be discovered in pricey hotels and well-maintained elegant houses. Sure, anyone’s residence may be infested. You’ll find a whole lot of products that are accessible in getting rid of bed bugs and a part of this concern is how you can do it safely, of course you don’t wish to breathe in such substances but it’s excellent to know that most of the sprays we have are 100% non-toxic.

Prior to you employ a pesticide or perhaps an insecticide, ensure you’ve got already organized the area by sweeping, vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets and furniture extensively. Concentrate on your bedroom and use a flashlight to recognize them quickly. Order a spray or even a powder which is particularly developed to fight bed bugs. A few goods that are accessible in the market today could even be sprayed on mattresses. Look at the labels and instructions before you spray or dust the infested area. If you are not certain although, call the manufacturer.

If you would like to fully throw away such pests for good, it’s not good enough that you spray areas regularly. It’s a must to be sure that you live in a clean environment, this can be quite successful in eliminating bed bugs permanently.

Eradicate all trash and clutter not just within the bedroom yet within the entire house also. This will decrease the bugs’ hiding spots. Clean hard surfaces like furniture, inside drawers, window casings and bathrooms regularly. In the event you notice any cracks within the walls or woodwork especially within your bed frame, remember that these are prospective points of entry and hiding places. Make some maintenance as necessary.

Should you travel a lot, go ahead and take necessary actions so you are able to eliminating bed bugs from hotels. Have some homemade repellent sachets with you all the time. You can put them under the mattress or perhaps the pockets of your clothes to keep bugs away. Finally, do not buy used furniture or mattress unless you are completely sure that no pests reside in it.

Could Your Home be Infested by Termites – Warnings That They Have Occupied Your Home

Could Your Home be Infested by Termites?

termitesCertain infestations of termites can not only turn away potential home buyers but can even cause the rejection of home loan requests. Almost all trustworthy lending institutions, including the federal housing administration and the veterans administration, now require full termites inspection. If you are looking into a new construction loan banks will now often require the location treated with a chemical barrier against termites before allowing a loan.

Fire destroys less wood and homes in the US in a year than termites do. One of the biggest factors behind this is that termites outbreak are rarely discovered until it is too late. He recommends to have termites inspections done regularly every three to five years. Termites can still be missed even by a trained exterminator who has inspected the house thoroughly. Termites are capable of entering a house in various cracks in the wood, mortar, and joists, and via voids in the blocks. One warning sign to watch for is swarms of termites that cover window sills with the wings and bodies. This should be watched for closely in the spring and fall. It is possible before a swarm, that termites have already resided in the structure for five years. You can get the best pest Control Services information by visiting this website.

Infestation of Termites

Not even the most experienced inspector of termites can give you a 100% guarantee that your home is free from infestation of termites. Exterminators always claim that they search as closely as they can for termites. They have the training to spot the signs of termites, and they can tell you without a doubt that there are termites if they find the mud tubing termites travel in. But quality exterminators for termites will provide a written guarantee on their inspection. chemicals used to treat for termites are effective for 15 years and treatments for other insects are usually done every 30 days.

Termites are not the only unwanted pests that will eat the wood in your home. Wood borers and powder post beetles will also consume the wood in your home. Wood borers can be identified from the powdery residue that they leave behind them in damaged wood. Leaving holes that look like minute buckshot termites sprays, powder post beetles are discernible. Recent years have also seen a resurgence in cases of fleas. You may think that only your pet will bring these into the home, but you also can do so if the get onto your clothing from the grass. He uses a spray for flea control on carpets, floors, and the exterior surfaces of buildings with a fast acting residue insecticide. Visit this site for further information on pest controllers service.

Treatments for termites

He gets calls for anything from snakes to bedbugs, and everything in between, he says. The most common pest he encounters is the German roach, this is easily dealt with in a single treatment. While many chemicals are available to home owners, there are others that are only available for purchase through exterminators. The government’s regulatory agencies have clamped down on this and enacted new laws on these chemicals. Pest controllers now need to be certified or work under somebody who is certified.

Many of the chemicals used for pest control must now be regulated by law. Problems arise constantly in this industry, with the fly-by-niters that would charge $100 a home and would use kerosene, and not even give it a second thought. There were people working part time who didn’t have a clue what they were spraying. They would double up the chemicals. One such chemical was chlordane, used a lot in the industry although has since been banned due to improper use. A good analogy to use for strong pest control chemicals is to think of them as a gun, they are useful in good hands, but can be dangerous if used improperly.

Get rid of termites!

DE-Stroy Pest Control Eco-Dust is a Non-Toxic Food Grade substance made from crushed fossils of freshwater organisms and marine life and is used to control insects, mites, springtails and other small pests. Includes the Pest Pistol for proper application of DE-Stroy Eco-Dust.

-Could Your Home be Infested by Termites – Warnings That They Have Occupied Your Home-

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